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Feb 6, 2013 7:00am PST
a million dollars on the arkansas scholarship lottery. >> reporter: would you believe it, a day later, steve weaver's wife, terri, won another 50 grand. the chances of that, 1 in 3 billion. lightning can strike more than twice. but steve won't be buying snakeskin shoes and moving to vegas. >> i'm just a country boy. i'm not trying to be somebody i'm not. i'm going to stay the same. >> reporter: and terri won't quit her job at the water company. >> no, sir. >> reporter: here's how it happened. last weekend, the weavers were on their way to their cabin and they stopped in to buy some scratch cards. steve won $1 million. >> i thought i was having a heart attack. there was no way. i was sitting in the chair in my recliner, most all night long. >> reporter: the next day, they bought a couple more from the same gas station. and terri bagged the 50 grand. >> i'm not expecting anything like this to happen again. i want to take full advantage of it. >> reporter: he's not buying a new truck. >> i like the truck i've got. it's six, seven years old. it's a good truck and i like it. >> reporter: they'll
Feb 1, 2013 7:00am EST
let's get the latest on the withy morning commute steve hirshhorn. the traffic and snow don't go well together. this is 270. too bad right now. . youmiddle of the screen, see in accidents on the ramp .orthbound , slow down to to the beltway. to the you has been multivehicle crashes northbound on george washington parkway before you 123.o a 10-vehicle accident reported on the northbound george washington parkway. want to think about another snow.on the here is a look at that weather forecast with jacqui jeras. >> d.c. is already dry. you could get a couple of snow flurries. steady snow is done. over towards annapolis, you will pick up a half inch. expires by advisory for today. cold, 30res are degrees. highs will only make it into the mid-30s today. thanks. another news update ♪ >>> you know where they are. new orleans, the big easy. and robin roberts so happy to be home right there. look at her smile. look at josh and sam behind her. they all rode down for her first homecoming since the bone marrow transplant. so great to see her. every day one step closer to returning to "gm
Feb 3, 2013 4:00am PST
steve shannon put it best in his hope for what will happen. >> i'm mostly rooting for a close game. >> reporter: i think steve spoke for all of us in saying that we all hope for a big game and we -- if we get it we'll be getting it here again in this tremendous really quintessential american city in new orleans, nobody better by the way to show us to us than one emeril lagasse. sam and i, a big tour from the man they call around here big chef. >> way to make us jealous, josh. help me out. you're a sports buffer. give me the cliff notes version of what i need to know if i go to a party about this game that makes museum that -- >> reporter: well, bianna, i have you. it is essentially not just a clash of cultures or really even styles, this is really nfl present versus nfl future. in the ravens a big strong armed traditional quarterback in joe flacco looking to throw the ball deep downfield, take advantage of a weak san francisco secondary. in the 49ers, however, they have a young speedster. a second year quarterback named named colin kaepernick in a new offense, pistol offense, a run
Feb 5, 2013 7:00am EST
a love like this for another person. you know? it's a deep, deep love. >> reporter: steve sierra says he's heartbroken. he had always dreamed of spending the rest of his life with sarai. >> she's amazing. i mean, she is amazing. you know? she truly is. just very loving. with the kids, she's so loving and caring. >> reporter: police are now taking dna samples from 21 suspects. and comparing them to dna found under sarai sierra's fingernails. they are combing through hundreds of hows of surveillance video. that's sierra in a mall, just one day before she was due home. just a couple of hours before she left, she told her family she would come to this bridge to take a few final photos. it's only about a 15-minute walk from her house. she never made it. and she was never seen again. >> i would like to know what happened from the time she left her room, to the time she was going to take pictures of the bridge. >> reporter: sierra's coffin has been moved to a church to prepare for the journey home. in new york, her family is shocked and inconsolable. >> she was going to go on this trip. i hugge
Feb 7, 2013 7:00am EST
agree on that. steve bisciotti and john harbaugh will be at the under armour center. >>> one more official wrap-up of the weather on this wednesday morning. here's lynette. >> temperature in annapolis now 31 degrees and it is cold and those winds now beginning to pick up from the east at about 4 miles an hour. but look what we have in annapolis. we are dealing with plenty of cloud cover out there this morning. that trend will continue right into the afternoon. we are waiting for these two systems, the north and the south to come together. they'll do so as we go through the overnight. and with that we will have a wintry mix starting lingering into tomorrow morning. but through the day we will have rain aross the area. wrapping up on the backside and maybe some snow showers but blizzard conditions as we head into new england. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >>> good morning lynette. well, here's a live look at a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer on 95 in harford county. traffic is getting by the right northbound shoulder ri
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)